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We help bring a communities vision to life through our custom design process. Here are several new custom products for 2018!

Sensory Tunnel
Give kids of all abilities a sensory-rich experience filled with color and light. Originally created for the destination inclusive playground, Madison’s Place in Woodbury, Minn., the tunnel is wide enough for wheelchair users, and helps develop the senses by encouraging self-led exploration. This custom tunnel can be installed deck-to-deck or at ground level. playground sensory tunnel

FitCore™ Extreme
Inspired by the exploding popularity of high-intensity strength training, Landscape Structures’ custom designed FitCore™ Extreme features 38 pre-designed challenges—14 products for ages 5 to 12, 24 products for ages 13+—to encourage kids, teens and adults to get and stay fit.

DigiFuse® Bobble Rider
We’ve created a new way for clients to add a personal touch to the playground with this custom Bobble Rider. Encourage the use of school mascots, city logos and more with DigiFuse® on our most popular spring rider.
bear bobbler rider butterfly bobbler rider new bobbler rider fire truck rider horse bobble rider police car rider rocket ship bobbler rider

  • Testimonials

    Best meeting all year, hands down – you inspired me to make our park meetings much better just by infusing enthusiasm!

    Look forward to working with you in the future – hopefully we will be making some really cool improvements here at Great Parks.

    Thanks, Carolyn P.

    Great Parks of Hamilton County
  • Upcoming Events

    1. Michigan Downtown Development Spring Training

      March 12
    2. Michigan PTO Today Conference and Expo

      April 14
    3. Michigan School Board of Business Officials

      April 21 - April 23
    4. Michigan Township Association Conference and Expo

      April 27 - April 29